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  • alexa
  • amanda
  • amsterdam
  • austin
  • avante
  • barcelona
  • bayview
  • beachfront
  • buttercup
  • chelsea
  • classictype
  • freehand
  • freespirit
  • greenworld
  • hamillton
  • loveneon
  • lovenote
  • marquee
  • mayfair
  • melbourne
  • monaco
  • neonglow
  • neonlite
  • neonscript
  • neontrace
  • neotokyo
  • nevada
  • newcursive
  • northshore
  • rocket
  • royalty
  • scifi
  • signature
  • typewriter
  • vintage
  • waikiki


  • Warm-White

  • Cold-White

  • Light-Yellow

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Dark-Blue

  • Ice-Blue

  • Green

  • Light-Pink

  • Hot-Pink

  • Red

  • Purple

Backing Colors

Clear Black White

Backing Shapes

Text Shape Rectangle

Sign Support

  • Wall Mount
  • Hanging Kit
  • Stand
  • LED Neon Sign Remote Control + Dimmer

MSRP : $190.00

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  • ID#
  • 1. Text : TEXT, TEXT, TEXT
  • 2. Font : alexa, alexa, alexa
  • 3. Color : warm-white, warm-white, warm-white
  • 4. Backing Color : Clear
  • 5. Backing Shape : Text Shape
  • 6. Color Type : Single Color
  • 7. Install :
  • 8. Size : 18.00x11.26in, 18.00x11.26in, 18.00x11.26in
  • 9. MSRP : $274.32




Write Your Text:

Customize up to 3 lines of text. Each line is capable of having its own font, size, color, and position. The price will automatically adjust after each change is made. To select the line of text that you would like to customize, simply click the box until it is high-lighted as shown below.

Each line of text can be dragged to a position of your liking. Once positioned, adjustments can be made to your satisfaction. Simply click on the line of text that you would like to modify. The length and height of first line of text is shown.

Change the text size:

Use the “-“ and “+” button to reduce and enlarge the high-lighted line of text. The height and length are proportioned automatically.

Select the color of LED Neon:

There are 12 different colors for LED Neon, warm white (3000K), white (6000K), light yellow, yellow, orange, blue, ice-blue, green, light pink, hot pink, red, and purple. In addition, you can choose RGB or color changing LED Neon flex which a remote can be used to select different colors.

The color of back board

Choose the color of the acrylic backing in which you would like your sign to be mounted to. LED Neon signs are attached to a polished acrylic backboard. Each sign has three backing color options: Clear, White, or Black.

Clear Acrylic Backing:

The clear acrylic backboard is nearly undetectable and is a popular choice for customers who prefer a backboard that will not deter attention away from the sign.

The sign is off
The sign is on

Black Backing:

The black backboard frames the neon sign and increases its glowing effect, as it captures the reflection of the neon lights. Using a solid colored blackboard will also be able to hide the electrical components of the sign such as wires and the 12 voltage transformer.

The sign is off
The sign is on

White Backing

Similar to the black acrylic backing, the white acrylic backing is opaque in color and is a great choice for concealing electrical wires and the power supply.

The sign is off
The sign is on

Choose whether the shape of your acrylic backing is cut to the text shape or rectangular:

Cut to Shape

The cut-to-shape acrylic backing board is cut around the perimeter of the neon sign. It provides more support to the neon sign compared to the invisible backing and furnishes the neon sign with a stylish, modern look. This design provides the most strength, and is recommended when mounting against fragile surfaces such as windows.


The rectangular backing option provides the most stability for a LED neon sign, as it has the greatest surface of backing. This option is recommended for LED neon signs that may have to be transported often and require a sturdier frame.

Wall-Mounting Kit:

The wall-mounting is the most popular installation method and is recommended for surface installations of signs. A set of mounting materials, as pictured below, are provided to fixate your neon sign onto your installation surface.

Hanging Kit:

Stand: A stand provided to prop up your neon sign:

The stand method allows your sign to stand upright on a flat surface, which is ideal for tabletop placements. The set of materials below allows you to use the stand method as support for your LED neon sign, which can NOT be more than 24 inches high.

A plug-n-play dimmer switch with a remote is available for less than 60Watt LED Neon Sign. One remote will communicate all controllers within a 30FT range.

When ON button is high-lighted, the sign is power on. When OFF button is high-lighted, the sign is power off.

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